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Front-of-building-at-22-Manchester-RdLocated at 22 Manchester Road in Derry, NH, Recore Trading Company, L.L.C. does everything in house—de-canning, milling, sampling and lab analysis of any size lot. This gives Recore a distinct advantage over any other converter buyer and has made us the strongest buyer of scrap catalytic converters in the Northeast and beyond! We have the precious metals experience including our exclusive assay based knowledge to group similar metal content cats together and process them that way for maximum return. All of our customers are consistently seeing significantly higher returns for their product. We are known for our prompt, courteous and friendly service with immediate cash payment. Whether you are a large or small automotive recycler, repair facility, scrap yard, towing company or an individual, we welcome the opportunity to earn your business. We have demonstrated a strong commitment to our customer’s satisfaction by treating others how we want to be treated.

CrusherDo you have vehicles that need to be crushed. With your commitment to sell your flats and converters to us, Recore will loan you their car crusher for FREE! You get your cars crushed for FREE and top dollar for your products. If you are not comfortable crushing your own vehicles, for a small fee Recore Trading will come and crush them for you.

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in the automotive recycling industry.

November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 NewsletterAs everyone knows, all the scrap markets we sell to have seen steep drops in prices over the past several months.  The ferrous markets, non ferrous and precious metals all seem to be in the same boat.

October 2015 Newsletter

October 2015 NewsletterDownload Newsletter No Value Cats Still Coming In—A month or so ago I wrote about Chrysler no value cats. As you may remember, these converters have OEM Chrysler marking sand are installed on late model diesel powered vehicles. These units look as though they could be worth $200-$300 apiece. They have excellent construction and plenty Read More [...]

September 2015 Newsletter

September 2015 Newsletter Download Newsletter This week Jeff Kantor lost his battle with prostate cancer.  As most of you know, Jeff was a tremendous leader and voice for our industry for decades.  Most recently he owned Car World in Candia, NH.  Jeff served as president of the NH Auto and Truck Recyclers Association for over 20 years.  

August Newsletter 2015

August 2015 NewsletterAs many of you know I prefer not to write about market conditions in this column. The time between writing this and it getting to you is at least 30 days, so often times the material becomes severely outdated when you get it. I must make an exception this month since the markets are tanking so badly.

July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 NewsletterThe thieves and scumbags are at it again. Recently we have seen a few of our suppliers generating late model diesel converters that have NO value. These converters look fine since they have full ceramic biscuits in them and appear normal in every other way.

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