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August 2012 Newsletter

[download_link link=””]Download Newsletter[/download_link] A couple of weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I thought the ferrous export markets had bottomed out.  My reason was that after weeks of steady decline in prices of material being shipped offshore or no sales at all we saw a couple loads go to Turkey at slightly higher pricing, Read More […]

July 2012 Newsletter

[download_link link=””]Download Newsletter[/download_link] More changes going on in the ferrous scrap recycling of junk car bodies (flats).  For years now shredder operators have been buying flats from us recyclers and planning on getting a certain percentage of ferrous and non ferrous metals from them. 

June 2012 Newsletter

[download_link link=””]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Latest news out of NH, Car World in Candia, NH has been sold to LKQ!  Car World is one of the largest salvage yards in the Northeast; it is a state of the art facility that is extremely environmentally friendly and a model of efficiency.  Most people in the business know Jeff Read More […]

May 2012 Newsletter

[download_link link=””]Download newsletter[/download_link] It looks as though we made it through another winter, this year we had it easy, this was one of mildest and easiest to deal with that I can remember.  As I write this article in early April I am seeing mild swings in the precious metals markets that seem to follow Read More […]

April Newsletter 2012

[download_link link=””]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Our in house precious metals lab has been operating for 5 weeks now and we are gaining a wealth of information.  We now have an accurate analysis of most of the converters that we see regularly and will have more and more as time goes on.  This will be a never ending Read More […]

March 2012 Newsletter

[download_link link=””]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Well after nearly two years of research and thousands of miles traveled visiting refineries and labs all over North America we have installed a state of the art precious metals laboratory here at Recore in NH!  This is the only in house precious metals lab in the North East.  This is huge Read More […]

January 2012 Newsletter

[download_link link=””]Download newsletter[/download_link] OK it’s the start of a new year it’s time to get going!  No one is going to say things have been easy or normal in recent years, let’s look at the recent past as a learning experience and take what we’ve learned to change the way we do things and make Read More […]

November 2011 Newsletter

[download_link link=””]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Wow!  Things certainly change quickly in the precious metals markets.  In last month’s article I reported that precious metals had been relatively stable with moderate price changes all year.  I was looking toward a busy fall season with salvage yard operators enjoying good pricing for their materials. 

What is a catalytic converter?

How A Catalytic Converter Works By Don Belisle Simply put a catalytic converter converts harmful gasses to unharmful gasses. The by-product of burning carbon fuels in our internal combustion engines are hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide these gasses are harmful to our environment and our health. EPA standards in this and other countries have strict emission Read More […]