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June 2018 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter Here in New Hampshire, our state salvage yard association has been hard at work serving our members.  Our monthly meetings typically produce about 50 members.  Recently, the meetings have had truly outstanding speakers.  

March 2012 Newsletter

[download_link link=”http://www.recoretrading.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/March-2012-Newsletter.pdf”]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Well after nearly two years of research and thousands of miles traveled visiting refineries and labs all over North America we have installed a state of the art precious metals laboratory here at Recore in NH!  This is the only in house precious metals lab in the North East.  This is huge Read More […]

September 2011 Newsletter

[download_link link=”http://www.recoretrading.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/September-newsletter.pdf”]Download Newsletter[/download_link] It has been a very interesting summer this year as far as the prices of the commodities we deal with are concerned.  To date, we have not seen the typical mid to late summer price drop of ferrous scrap in the Northeast.  As most of you know some of the steel mills Read More […]

What is a catalytic converter?

How A Catalytic Converter Works By Don Belisle Simply put a catalytic converter converts harmful gasses to unharmful gasses. The by-product of burning carbon fuels in our internal combustion engines are hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide these gasses are harmful to our environment and our health. EPA standards in this and other countries have strict emission Read More […]