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Pat Finnell

May 2011 Newsletter

Download May Newsletter Here We are so excited to announce the launching of our new website. Please be sure to check it out now—www.recoretrading.com, and visit it often as it will continuously

April 2011 Newsletter

Download April 2011 Newsletter “I said in last month’s article, no one really knows what the markets will do. Who could have predicted the tragedy of the biggest earthquake to hit Japan

March 2011 Newsletter

Download March 2011 Newsletter “The platinum group metals (PGMS) that control the prices of our scrap catalytic converters has been steadily creeping up. This week we have seen Platinum (PT) peak at

What is a catalytic converter?

How A Catalytic Converter Works By Don Belisle Simply put a catalytic converter converts harmful gasses to unharmful gasses. The by-product of burning carbon fuels in our internal combustion engines are hydrocarbons and