“We have been dealing with Recore Trading for well over 10 years. All of our crushed cars, wheels and converters go to Recore. Their dedication to customer  service and price keeps us more than satisfied. Recore is very accommodating toward our schedule and needs. All we need to do is call them and whatever we need is taken care of. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come”.
F. L.
10 Year Customer of Recore


 “It would be a lot shorter if I said what I didn’t like. The service is great and the prices are always good. They even call when prices are changing. They are always fair and great to do business with”.
C. H.
15 Year Customer of Recore


 “I like and respect Jon Ingalls and your truck drivers that work there, they are great. They are the best guys to ever come on my lot. I’ve been doing business with Don for 20 years. He is a great guy, does the best he can for you and doesn’t blow smoke up… They are just great people to do business with and you never have to worry about getting your money”.
D. W.
20 Year Customer of Recore

 “Even though we just opened 3 years ago, I can honestly tell you we are dedicated to Recore for our crushed car hauling and automotive cores. I spent the first year checking this guy and that guy…who really has time for that with the busy pace we work at. With Recore, I rest assured I always get fair market price or better. I don’t feel the need to shop around; the service is excellent all around from everyone that works at Recore from the truck drivers to the office! No games… no false promises, just good old fashioned honest service and prices. If you are looking for a long term business partner you won’t be sorry if you give Recore a shot at earning your business, they have mine!”
3 Year Customer of Recore


 “I’ve been doing business with Don for 15 years. It has been nothing but a wonderful experience; there isn’t one thing I could say that is bad. I have the utmost respect for Don. He is loyal and absolutely top notch in this industry. I can’t tell you how good he has treated me over the years. He’s honest as the day is long and he would give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it. “
15 Year Customer of Recore

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