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November 2018 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter Certain aspects of the salvage business are very predictable.  We see the same cycles over and over again.  When ferrous scrap goes up the back-yard junkies come out of the woodwork!  You know the ones I mean, the guys with the beat up old pickup truck and trailer, they run ads on Craigslist Read More […]

August 2014 Newsletter

[download_link link=”https://www.recoretrading.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/August-2014-Newsletter.pdf”]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Some of the things we are watching that should have significant effect on the Platinum group metals (PGM) precious metals market.  Euro 6 is coming on line in many European countries.  Euro 6 is the next step in the implementation of more stringent emission standards across Europe.