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September 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter July sales numbers on new cars are out and they are not pretty.  GM is down 15%, Ford down 7.5% and other manufacturers are in similar situations.  Manufacturers have had a pretty good run with great sales in the recent past so this downturn is somewhat expected.   

August 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter Because of the strong support from our loyal suppliers we have outgrown our facility in Derry, NH.  I remember back in 2006 moving to Derry saying, “Where are we going to get the product to fill this place?”  Well, we did find the product through our ever-increasing supplier base, for which we are Read More […]

February 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter This refers to the industry of recycling platinum group metals (PGM’s) from catalytic converters and having them available to the manufacturers of new converters and other industries.  These elements never wear out and can be used over and over again.   

October 2016 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter As the catalytic converter industry has evolved, there have been many changes.  In the very early years there were two types of converters-bead and honeycomb ceramic monolith.  Today the beads have all but disappeared.  I remember beads as being up to 15% of the makeup of an average buy. 

September 2016 Newsletter

Download Newsletter Writing this article in early August we are presently observing great prices on PGM’s (platinum group metals).  Both Pt (platinum) and Pd (palladium) are at the highest levels we have seen in a year.  Judging by what I see in our warehouse, I’m not saying anything that most of you don’t already know. Read More […]

August 2016 Newsletter

Download Newsletter I recently had the opportunity to visit the research facility of one of the largest suppliers of catalytic converters to the auto industry in the world.  I saw this as a tremendous chance to learn what goes on at the highest levels of converter technology and R&D. 

June 2016 Newsletter

Download Newsletter Car and truck manufacturers have extensively changed the way new vehicles are built.  This is not news.  The vehicles produced today are completely different than the ones produced 10, 5 or even two years ago.  On board diagnostics and controls are light years ahead of what we all thought possible. 

May 2016 Newsletter

Download Newsletter As of this writing (April 6), things appear headed in the right direction.  I don’t want to create any false hope but most indicators are positive.  Writing about the markets here is very risky since there is a 4-5 week delay between the time I write this and the time you get it.  Read More […]

February 2016 Newsletter

Download Newsletter In the past couple of years the automotive salvage industry in this country and elsewhere has undergone the most dramatic change of all time.  Prices of every single commodity we sell have dropped dramatically. 

December 2015 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter Just getting back from the annual ARA trade show in Charlotte, here are some of my observations.  This year’s show seemed better attended than last.  It looked like the exhibitors’ numbers were up more than the number of attendees but overall it was a better show than last year.