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October 2015 Newsletter

Download Newsletter No Value Cats Still Coming In—A month or so ago I wrote about Chrysler no value cats. As you may remember, these converters have OEM Chrysler marking sand are installed on late model diesel powered vehicles. These units look as though they could be worth $200-$300 apiece. They have excellent construction and plenty Read More […]

September 2015 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter This week Jeff Kantor lost his battle with prostate cancer.  As most of you know, Jeff was a tremendous leader and voice for our industry for decades.  Most recently he owned Car World in Candia, NH.  Jeff served as president of the NH Auto and Truck Recyclers Association for over 20 years.  

May 2015 Newsletter

A couple of months ago we ran a step up and meet article on Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts in Waterbury, CT. Jim Eitvydas is the owner of the business and a friend of mine. I met Jim a number of years ago at one of the industry trade shows.

January 2015 Newsletter

With a New Year beginning, let’s try to bring as much optimism and ingenuity to what we do in the salvage business going forward. We must adapt to the new environment if we want to survive. This is critical.

December 2014 Newsletter

Just last month I reported that we were seeing the return of thieves to the catalytic converter collectors. Good news! This past month Recore Trading working together with 2 separate yard owners caught 2 converter thieves. In both cases the thieves actually worked for the yards they were stealing from.

November 2014 Newsletter

[download_link link=”https://www.recoretrading.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/November-2014-Newsletter.pdf”]Download Newsletter[/download_link] The thieves seem to be coming back.  It seems as though the summer and early Fall were a time when catalytic converter thieves were on vacation or doing something else.  Until htis week we hadn’t received many calls from suppliers saying they had been “hit”. 

October 2014 Newsletter

[download_link link=”https://www.recoretrading.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/October-2014-Newsletter.pdf”]Download Newsletter[/download_link] The first week of September failed to have the usual bump in pricing for flats.  This really comes as no surprise since the markets are no longer as predictable as they once were.  Who knows where things will go from here but as I write this in early September ferrous is a Read More […]

September 2014 Newsletter

[download_link link=”https://www.recoretrading.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/September-2014-Newsletter.pdf”]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Having been in this business for 25 years you notice and expect certain things.  For example in previous years there would be a slowdown in material coming in during the mid summer months.  This slowdown is seen nationwide in most industries and is normally attributed to people being on vacation.  

August 2014 Newsletter

[download_link link=”https://www.recoretrading.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/August-2014-Newsletter.pdf”]Download Newsletter[/download_link] Some of the things we are watching that should have significant effect on the Platinum group metals (PGM) precious metals market.  Euro 6 is coming on line in many European countries.  Euro 6 is the next step in the implementation of more stringent emission standards across Europe.