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July 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter There are some interesting things going on in the PGM (platinum group metals) markets.  At the moment, we are enjoying very good pricing for the reclaimed precious metals from converters.  It seems as though the markets are behaving as predicted with very gradual gains overall and some profit taking along the way.  

June 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter As I write this column, palladium has just hit a two year high in price.  This is great news for recyclers who sell catalytic converters.  The other metals in converters (platinum and rhodium) are also doing quite well.  Although most recyclers typically follow platinum as an indicator of their converters worth, palladium is Read More […]

May 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter I have wanted to visit Cuba for many years.  I can’t say exactly why, but I think a big part of it was to see the old cars.  Having grown up in the 60s and being a car nut forever, the pictures of 1950s cars still in everyday use seemed like something I Read More […]

April 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter Car makers from all over the world are scrambling to meet upcoming more stringent emission standards.  At present autos are allowed 130 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer, by 2021 the CO2 must be reduced to 95 grams per kilometer.  

March 2017 Newsletter

   Download Newsletter There is a lot going on in the PGM industry worldwide at the moment.  PGM (platinum group metals) refers to the group of precious metals used to make catalytic converters for internal combustion engines.  

February 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter This refers to the industry of recycling platinum group metals (PGM’s) from catalytic converters and having them available to the manufacturers of new converters and other industries.  These elements never wear out and can be used over and over again.   

January 2017 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter                     With the beginning of a new year, what changes or improvements are you making to your business?  A lot of the time we trod along with our heads down managing the minutia of day to day without looking up and making some big picture decisions. 

December 2016 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter A supplier who has been selling to us at Recore for several years called me this week.  The owner share “Don, I have been enjoying your newsletter very much.  I read often about the benefits of selling your converters based on return and want to sell that way.”

November 2016 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter So here we are in this “new world.”  This world I speak of is the business environment that exists today in our industry.  This world is something few of us predicted and varies greatly from what we all had not too many years ago.  

October 2016 Newsletter

 Download Newsletter As the catalytic converter industry has evolved, there have been many changes.  In the very early years there were two types of converters-bead and honeycomb ceramic monolith.  Today the beads have all but disappeared.  I remember beads as being up to 15% of the makeup of an average buy.